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  • Aug 09, 2023
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  • Aug 09, 2023

Trade Show Tips: The Value of Trade Show Management Software

Trade Show Management Software

For those who are unaware of the value that trade show management software provides, you are in for an enlightening introduction. If you have previous knowledge of what this software can do, you can use this article to help increase the efficiency of your annual exhibiting procedures. Trade show management software takes your everyday exhibiting responsibilities and provides an automation solution. This is useful not only for corporations that exhibit multiple times per year, but also for human resources departments that run many recruitment events per year, or companies that host multiple corporate events. If your company needs to store, manage/ship, and restore multiple assets at various times of the year, trade show management software could be for you, so you might want to look into something similar to inventory management open source which might help you achieve this. Management software is becoming an industry standard across all professions – healthcare, sports, payroll management, and legal case management software for law firms. Trade show management, whilst logistically different, can benefit from following this growing trend of reliance and integration to increase productivity and reduce erroneous errors.

What Trade Show Management Software Should Include:

  • Asset Management including warehousing, pick/pack, and fulfillment
  • Asset Inspection, maintenance, and reconditioning, graphic design and in-house printing capabilities
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • A cloud-based, secure portal to manage events and real-time inventory reporting
  • A streamlined process for accessing, altering, and scheduling the use of your company’s assets
  • Easy logistical management

The end goal of trade show management software is to relieve your company of the time consuming duties associated with events and exhibiting. It removes the hassle of keeping track of your assets, scheduling them to be shipped and stored at your various locations between events, and restoring them when they get damaged. All of these activities, when done internally, can be time consuming and confusing. However, by using an online management portal, your company will be able to manage all of these activities in mere minutes. Everything from printing replacement signage and marketing materials to logistical coordination can be handled within your trade show management software from your company-specific, secure portal.

MyConcierge Trade Show Management Software:

At Metro Exhibits, we provide our own trade show management software, MyConcierge. Many of our clients utilize this service to keep their multiple events organized and timely. You can access our MyConcierge page or watch the video below for more information.

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