Metro Exhibits is dedicated to supporting the future of our planet, responsibly aware that facility operations, office/business practices, travel, shipping, and waste management all have an impact on the environment.

Some of our tactics to reduce our impact include:

Product (Exhibits):

  • Approximately 90% of our trade show exhibits are build with lightweight, reusable, metal frames (vs. wood frames, used by many other exhibit houses).
  • Large, display graphics are printed on lightweight fabric, making them reusable from activation to activation.
  • Our earth-friendly trade show booth option utilizes sustainable, upcycled and/or recyclable materials on all exhibit walls, floors, signage and furniture.
  • MetroPlus is a cloud-based portal that consolidates a company’s physical marketing assets so that they can be shared across teams and divisions. Event marketing inventory is stored, tracked, returned and reused, minimizing duplication and waste.


  • Recycle paper, plastic
  • Timed, digital HVAC
  • Water-saving auto faucets and toilets
  • Timed equipment, e.g., computers, copiers
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Fabric-covered walls conserve energy
  • Skylights provide natural light
  • 50% of office-employee hours are WFH, minimizing commuting miles and facility space requirements


  • All our facilities are certified EPA Green Power Partners.
  • Three facilities are located around the country near national convention venues, minimizing shipping.
  • All facilities are within three miles of major highways, and less than 45 minutes from major airports, reducing travel/fuel.
  • All production is done in-house, minimizing miles and trips back and forth to outside vendors.
  • Customer exhibiting assets are stored in the warehouse that is most efficient vis a vis the last/next activation location.
  • We re-use our wood pallets (and buy used).
  • We re-use all wood and metal elements when possible; recycle what is unusable.
  • We recycle our waste cardboard.
  • Our docks are weatherized.
  • We utilize electric warehouse vehicles (scissor lifts).
  • We use battery-powered tools.
  • Our windows and doors are weatherized.
  • We batch shipments and use staging facilities to minimize miles and trips.
  • We pre-build all our trade show displays inn our warehouses to ensure onsite accuracy, minimizing excess travel and shipping that would be needed to correct errors.
  • We outsource I&D teams (supervised by Metro staff) to eliminate travel miles.
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