MetroPlus Inventory Management

When you juggle multiple events (like job fairs or community outreach), your team shares exhibiting assets, your work-from-home staff has storage challenges, or you need to simplify your event workflow


The perfect support team

Imagine having a "dream team" that not only handles every detail on your event-related plate, but knows the details that need to be handled--even when you don't. That's MetroPlus.

Inventory management

Imagine all your portable event assets completely accessible, managed, and stored in our climate-controlled facilities. You order an activation via our cloud-based portal, and our team ships your requested assets, which have been previewed prior to sending to your event so they're always in perfect, ready-to-go condition. Then, we make sure they are returned, and inspected upon arrival. Inventory analysis identifies assets not being utilized (for possible destruction), as well as guidance on avoiding out-of-stocks.

Your portal

Everyone in your remote salesforce can access your custom cloud-based system--so assets can be requested and shared across events: from full booth setups to sales brochures. The portal is your collateral's single source of truth--now, you can even share inventory across teams and divisions.

Easy ordering

Your team easily places orders through the online portal (with optional layered approvals). Management has instant access to inventory, and knows who is requesting what and where.

Promotional items

In today's environment, supply chain issues can have a major impact on promotional item deliveries, many of which are imported. MetroPlus offers the same selections as the online megasites, but with a live promotions consultant, who advises on item selection, delivery updates, options and more.

Marketing collateral

Save time and energy when our team prints, assembles and ships your event-specific marketing collateral packages as needed.

Project management + more

We can book your space, arrange your badges, obtain event labor, manage drayage, complete show forms, even book your dinner reservations at your larger events!

Event management

MetroPlus manages the complete calendars of events for organizations whose marketing strategy includes frequent experiential activations such as community outreach. Services include exhibit asset inventory management, shipping, onsite management including set up and teardown, staffing, marketing collateral and promotional items.

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