Trade Show Project Management
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Project Management

Trade Show Project Management

Upon contract execution, all clients are matched to a dedicated and experienced Project Manager that oversees many aspects of the project with no aspect more important than client satisfaction. Our professional Project Management team has years of experience working trade shows across all industries, sizes, and locations, as well as organizing corporate events. All of our project management professionals work hand in hand with your team and trade show management to insure perfect execution and full satisfaction every time. Your dedicated project manager will be with you every step of the way to create a seamless transition from concept to creation. There are tools for project managers that can be utilized to make sure your project works perfectly for you.

Trade Show Project Management

Our Project Management Capabilities Include

Trade Show Coordination

Our expert project managers will handle every detail of your event. The overwhelming workload of coordinating production through delivery is exhausting. So why not have our team do it for you? Our professional project management services are complimentary for all of our clients.

Logistics Coordination

Having a an experienced team of project management professionals coordinating your trade show logistics will not only save you the hassle, but money as well. Our team has years of experience optimizing crate sizes, weights, scheduling, and more to help your company save as much money and have the most timely logistical coordination in the industry.

Forms Administration

Trade Show forms are timely and confusing. All the more reason to let us do them for you. This is yet another complimentary aspect of our project management services that will really ease the stress. Our exhibits are truly turnkey, all the way down to the show paperwork.

Show Services Coordination

Dealing with show contractors is difficult, frustrating, and often very expensive. Let our team handle the grunt work, and save you money in the process. We will oversee drayage, electrical, and all other show services to make sure that your company is being billed correctly.

Contingency Management

We pride ourselves on being the most reliable exhibit house in the industry, and where we really shine is when contingencies arise. We will help your company navigate through any issues that may emerge throughout the entire exhibiting process, and insure that they are handled timely and professionally.


If you are purchasing your booth, storage can often be difficult to facilitate. Not with Metro Exhibits. Our dedicated project managers will coordinate the storage of your exhibit between shows at one of our locations, and manage the logistics thereafter between exhibitions.