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20x30 Rental Exhibit Booths

Astra Zeneca Case Study

The Challenge:

What do you do when the ad agency for the world’s 8th largest pharmaceutical company needs a 40,000 square foot convention hall at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas built-out like a tradeshow floor to host a sales meeting for over 1,000 sales representatives? And they need it in 18 days! And it needs to include 8 large exhibits including multiple custom components! And they demand the same exact 40,000 square foot build-out on the opposite side of the country at the DC Convention Center within two days after the Las Vegas event! Herein lies the challenge!

The Solution:

With its locations in Las Vegas and Northern New Jersey, Metro Exhibits leveraged the scale of its huge redundant rental inventory and its in-house capabilities including its teams of experienced carpenters, project managers and project supervisors to effectively be in two cities at the same time.  Specifically, each job required the design and fabrication of multiple custom components including stages and kiosks, the utilization of over 500 structural panels, the printing of over 4,500 square feet of graphics in-house (most of which were printed within 4 days of show due to client graphic delay), as well as the crating and transportation of it all within a tight timeline.  In addition, our team of on-site supervisors effectively managed a contracted team of over 40 union laborers in each of the cities for installation and dismantle.

The Result:

Due to the tight timeline between sales meetings, Metro Exhibits effectively built two 40,000 square foot build-outs within 18 days, all in-house, and managed and coordinated all services including transportation and labor resulting in flawless execution in both cities.  The overall satisfaction of both the ad agency and pharmaceutical company was implicit by the fact that Metro was awarded two additional projects, both of which were seamlessly executed.  See the result in a time lapse video at http://corradifoto.com/EdgeCenter.m4v.

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