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New Year, New Technology at Trade Shows

In 2016, technology will once again play a key role in how consumers will experience brands at trade shows. Last year was no different which saw live streaming applications such as Periscrope and Meerkat, change how consumers interact online/offline with brands at trade shows. Frank Supovitz, former Vice President of Events for the National Football League (NFL) has seen how technology at events has been advancing. “There are so many ways to engage with guests using exciting new apps, social media and streaming before, during and after events.” If you want your consumers to be engaged with your exhibits at an event, your brand needs to evolve as technology continues to grow.

Mobile is Everywhere

Did you know that the majority of Google searches are now on mobile? So, if an attendee visiting a trade show searches for you on a mobile device, would you be prepared? If you are not prepared that means the digital components of your event experience are not mobile ready which is not okay since mobile is how people are exploring today’s digital universe.

A commonality between people at events is that they are always looking at their mobile devices so the ability to design experiences to pull people away from the screen and experience your booth is key. John Woo of Global Experience Specialists agrees that the question in 2016 for brands presenting at a trade show is:

“How do we tie technology through their mobile device back to what’s happening as a real experience on the show floor or in a common area?”

Understanding the User

Your brand’s space at an event should incorporate various technology such as beacons, apps and digital signage with the goal of connecting with the user. As Internet of Things (IOT) continues to advance, more brands will be able to have their technology work together to connect to the consumer and remove redundancy. The ability to have your technology work together to understand their consumer will be changing as Internet of Things continues to evolve. Kirstin Tunbull of Mosaic enjoys when brands get rid of redundancy and simplifies the engagement because it “turns an attendee into an active participant.”

Facial Recognition

In 2002, the movie Minority Report staring Tom Cruise brought attention of facial recognition to the masses. While the technology is in its infancy in the trade show industry, it’s gaining popularity as a way to see what dwell times are, when they are coming in, how many times they have come back. Movement tracking can help determine where to relocate a brand’s staff to ensure that the staff is acquiring all leads and where to place products and literature for the highest impact on attendee.

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

CES 2016 has seen the launch of augmented/virtual reality for the consumer market but can brands take advantage of this technology for consumers visiting their event space. Mo Twine of MKG believes that this technology has the potential to boost consumer interactivity and the overall experience consumers have with the brand by having more physical elements in the virtual reality activation space, longer experiences and integration of more sensors to create a more complex virtual world. There are even hopes of developing virtual reality into the adult content world on websites like hdpornvideo sooner rather than later. It is widely considered that virtual reality is the future of the sex industry which is a pretty remarkable statement to be making. Who would have thought we would be saying that ten years ago? To understand how virtual reality has influenced the sex industry we need to look at the history. To change the way sex machines are going to work is a pretty incredible feat.

Tourism and retail companies, are two industries that have been taking the technology to trade conferences, where they show off videos and other immersive “experiences” to impress those who can help drive their businesses.

Take a journey through a virtual reality world:

360 Degrees

After YouTube and Facebook began supporting 360 videos, more and more brands are adopting this technology to provide a unique experience for their consumer. Event professionals like Jamie Barlow of Sparks believes there is strong potential for this technology at trade shows such as:

“Having a 360 rig in the middle of a sports event or a trade show hall, a consumer could look around from a particular vantage point and visually explore the environment on their own.”

Gesture Technology

Imagine you are in your favorite brands’ exhibit space and a simple wave of hello allows you to interact with the brand. Digital architecture has given brands the opportunity to develop environments that are reacting to people that are at your space.

Personalization Technology

Technology has grown from the one size fits all approach to personal content interaction within an exhibit space. The technology within the exhibit space has the ability to change dynamically based on the data received from the participant’s preferences and prior interactions with the brand.

LED Displays

Jim Kelley, VP of Production Resource group has seen significant advantages of LED Displays through an event space. “By using some of these newer technologies that can overcome the ambient light of meeting space, it allows you to have a brighter learning environments…which has been proven to keep people’s attention and it’s much more conducive to adult learning.”


Advancements in drone technology is a hot topic at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show. The technology has advanced to the point that brands are using it to engage their consumer by simply mounting cameras to live-stream video, analyze foot traffic or to provide unique experiences to attendees.

Data + Data = Remarketing

Looking at the numbers behind consumers engagement to your brand during a show is key for future success. As technology continues to evolve it has allowed us more opportunities to see how engaged consumers are with your brand during an event. The data collected allows brands to gather meaningful insights, and the brand will be able to figure out a Return on Investment (R.O.I).

Technology has the opportunity to tell stories and stories are what draws consumers to a brand. Adrienne Johnson of Spell Bound states: “While there seems to be new apps and technology almost daily that makes events more creative, unique, and highly stylized, the concern is that the story behind it at times gets lost to the spectacle. So the challenge then is to create an event engaging enough to have guest get out from behind their mobile screen, be in the moment and discover the story.” Technology in your booth during a show can have many benefits but make sure you are using the technology for the right reason in order to be engaging to your consumer. This technology allows most exhibitors to benefit from better leads and tailor the experience for the attendees.

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Fitness Trade Shows List

Your List of Fitness Trade Shows for 2020

Top Fitness Trade Shows, Expos and Conferences

The health and fitness industries have been booming in recent years. As of January 2015, there were 34,460 US Health Clubs in the United States with more than 54 million members. An industry that generated $24.2 billion dollars in revenue in the U.S. in 2014 has seen a drastic increase in trade show availability and involvement. 1

Fitness trade shows play a vital role in introducing innovative products to the market, increasing brand awareness and for networking with fellow industry enthusiasts. However, there are many fitness trade shows, and it can be difficult to know which show(s) are relevant to an attendee or prospective exhibitor. We have compiled a comprehensive fitness trade show list to make the selection process easier. There are many of us who want to try and get fit and healthy, some people simply look for a personal trainer in London. However, for the hardcore fitness buffs, there are expos.


TheFitExpo is a unique fitness expo experience. TheFitExpo shows are the “Largest Consumer Fitness Expos on the West Coast and Now Chicago with more locations to come”, according to the official FitExpo Website. This year there will be four events: Anaheim, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Jose. TheFitExpo is expecting attendance to consist of over 100,000 fitness enthusiasts and professionals. There are booths on supplements like cardarine which are rising in popularity, this Wisdoms of Health post explains more if you want to read more about it before you go to the expo. Each of these FitExpo events provides free fitness competitions and events, special guest appearances by industry celebrities, a massive exhibition floor and much more!

Check out the FitExpo on their website

Arnold Sports Festival

The Arnold Sports Festival has become a health and fitness powerhouse. This massive event is a culmination of all things fitness. There is something here for attendees of all ages. This year’s Arnold Sports Festival includes: The Arnold Fitness EXPO, Arnold SportsWorld, IFBB Pro League, Arnold Amateur, Strength Sports, Dance & Fitness, Combative Sports, Olympic Sports, America’s Next Great Trainer, Arnold Model Search, Arnold Sunday Showcase, Art at the Arnold, Meet & Greet, Party with the Pros, WWE Experience and so much more!

The Arnold Fitness EXPO is the nation’s largest health and fitness exposition. There will be more than 900 booths promoting the latest and greatest in sports equipment, apparel, and nutrition. This is a premier industry event for business and consumers alike to foster great relationships and learn about industry trends.

To learn more about all that the Arnold Sports Festival has to offer visit

fitness conventions and fitness expos list

IDEA World Fitness Convention

IDEA World Fitness Convention is the world’s largest fitness convention. This massive gathering has more than 375 sessions, 230 presenters, 300 exhibitors, and a variety of special events. In the words of the official IDEA World Fitness Convention website, “Imagine 12,000 passionate personal trainers, group fitness instructors, mind-body professionals, owners and managers, and world-renowned experts from every corner of the globe coming together for the most powerful event in the industry.”

The IDEA World Fitness Convention will be taking place in sunny Los Angeles, California during July of 2016. Learn more about this great event here

Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend

Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend is a modern fitness and performance marvel. The event attracts 30,000+ attendees with main events including Mr. Olympia, Fitness Olympia, Figure Olympia, Bikini Olympia, 212 Showdown, Women’s Physique and Men’s Physique. Some of the amazing expo events include weightlifting, boxing, CrossFit, wrestling, MMA, karate, kickboxing, strong man challenge and more! With more than 1,100 expected exhibitors in 2016, there will be something for everyone on the exhibit floor and throughout the events.

Learn more about Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend here


IHRSA will take place from March 21st – 24th 2016 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. This great fitness trade show provides educational seminars, group workouts, and over 380 exhibitors from over 80 countries. However, you must have an IHRSA membership to attend the convention. If you plan to attend this particular conference, be sure to obtain a membership in advance!

For more information about the expo and obtaining and IHRSA membership, visit their website here


The Interbike International Bicycle Exposition is “where the bicycle industry gathers to celebrate, educate and conduct the business of cycling. This cycling tailored event attracts hundreds of exhibitors with the latest and greatest cycling gear, innovations and trends on display. In addition to the great expo, Interbike provides a variety of educational sessions, Industry Awards Night, Industry Breakfast and Keynote, Tech Clinics, the new Product Innovation Zone and much more.

If you work in the cycling industry or are an avid consumer, check out the official Interbike website here

Miami’s All Sports Show

The Miami All Sports Show is “a statewide, national and international marketing trade show event for manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, dealers and distributors of sports equipment, supplies, products, apparel, sportswear, and recreational, fitness, nutritional and related products.” The target audience for this show typically consists of international and national buyers of sporting good equipment, the general public, and athletic equipment end users such as recreational sports enthusiasts and competitive athletes. This event is expected to attract thousands of attendees with live demos, lessons/classes, events, trade show specials, new products and much more.

To learn more about the Miami All Sports Show visit their website at

Design a Booth for The Show


  1. IHRSA – Industry Research. (2015). Retrieved from
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Top Fashion Trade Shows in America

The Top Fashion Trade Shows in America

This article was written to assist all the fashion-focused entrepreneurs, businesses and passionate individuals out there. Selecting which fashion show(s) to attend, or even knowing what options are out there, can be very time-consuming. With so many choices, each of which with a relatively narrow focus, it would be ideal to have a list of the best fashion trade shows and their primary markets served. Well, look no further.

If you look at social media, you’ll notice that many people are interested in fashion. Now, possibly more than ever, your outfit and what accessories you’re flaunting is more important than ever. Additionally, designer brands are admired and respected on social media, so much so that many decide to buy replicas, like the Best Gucci Fakes, to spruce up their look. So you’ve got fashion-related YouTube channels, fashion blogs and fashion-related accounts on Instagram. As this industry is quite competitive, yet so demanding, it comes as no surprise to find that anyone looking to get into fashion in whatever capacity would use the help of companies who offer free instagram followers, in the hopes of building their social following and potentially working with brands.

Here you can find the leading fashion trade shows specializing in men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, apparel sourcing, accessories, swimwear and everything in-between.

UBM Fashion is the leading group that works to provide the best of the best in terms of trade shows and marketplaces in the fashion industry. They produce all major fashion shows in Vegas, New York, and even internationally in Japan. Featured are events in all categories for men, women, children, and more. Check out each of the specific shows and marketplaces below for more information.


MAGIC is synonymous with fashion events. It is the world’s largest fashion marketplace and takes place twice annually in Las Vegas, Nevada (February & August). This truly unique fashion mega-event is a compilation of 12 individual fashion trade shows with unique focuses grouped into one. MAGIC is comprised of PROJECT, THE TENTS, WWDMAGIC, FN PLATFORM, SOURCING at MAGIC, PROJECT WOMENS, POOLTRADESHOW, CURVE@MAGIC, STITCH @ PROJECTWOMENS, MAGIC MENS, CHILDREN’S CLUB, and FOOTWEAR SOURCING:

  1. PROJECT– “PROJECT is the premier contemporary fashion event exhibiting men’s and women’s advanced contemporary, premium design, and designer collections.”
  2. THE TENTS– “THE TENTS is a curated showcase of luxury and designer brands. These men’s lines offer an elevated level of quality, design and price point.”
  3. WWDMAGIC– “WWDMAGIC is brought to you in collaboration with Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) and brings together the latest in women’s, junior’s and children’s apparel and accessories, active wear and swim.”
  4. FN PLATFORM– “FN PLATFORM is the global showcase for branded footwear, showcasing over 1600 men’s, women’s, juniors’, and children’s footwear brands from more than 20 countries. FN PLATFORM provides buyers with a convenient and efficient way to shop the most comprehensive selection of international footwear.”
  5. SOURCING at MAGIC – “SOURCING at MAGIC is the network of fashion. It is your link to the entire global supply chain. With over 40 countries represented, this must-see destination attracts designers, brands and retailers alike to discover what they need to move their business forward.
  6. PROJECT WOMENS – “Previously known as ENKVegas, PROJECT WOMENS is the destination for women’s contemporary collection, denim & accessories.”
  7. POOL TRADESHOW – “POOL TRADESHOW is an energetic and inspiring showcase of boutique-ready fashion and accessories that can help your business stand out from the crowd.”
  8. CURVENV @ MAGIC – “CURVENV @ MAGIC is the allure of fashion. This exceptional new show offers the most extensive selection of lingerie, swimwear, loungewear, activewear and men’s underwear in the west of the Americas.”
  9. STITCH @ PROJECT WOMENS – “STITCH @ PROJECT WOMENS offers a more focused approach to women’s fashion in the area of ready-to-wear designs.”
  10. MAGIC MENS – “MAGIC MENS is the spot for emerging trends in men and young men’s fashion. This event showcases everything from classic to leisure apparel and more.”
  11. CHILDREN’S CLUB– “Children’s Club is an international exhibition featuring every category of children’s clothing from newborn to age 12. Introduced in 2000, exhibitors reflect an eclectic base of new designers bursting on to the scene and joining establish collections.”
  12. FOOTWEAR SOURCING– “FOOTWEAR SOURCING exclusively showcases various sourcing practices and more for footwear production from around the globe.”

New York Women’s

The New York Women’s fashion series occurs on three separate occasions, in June, August, and September, with various different shows and marketplaces being held during each date.

  1. [PRE]-COTERIE – Held in June. “[PRE]-COTERIE is an exclusive experience for fashion’s elite. This event features accessories and apparel from resort-wear to swimwear, and more.
  2. Coterie – Held in September. “Coterie is a premier global marketplace that bridges women’s apparel and accessories designers to the international “Who’s Who” of retailers. Coterie builds exclusive shopping experiences from the ground up so that designers and buyers can create a synergy that fuels their business.”
  3. FAME – Held in June, August, & September. “FAME is the Junior/Young Contemporary show where retailers discover the best quality resources at great margins.”
  4. Moda – Held in June, August, & September. – “Moda is an upscale trade event providing a concise mix of carefully juried modern contemporary ready-to-wear collections and showcases some of the most desired names in the industry today.”
  5. AccessoriesTheShow Held in June & August. “AccessoriesTheShow runs in New York City and in Las Vegas. Both shows create the world’s largest marketplace for juried accessories. By providing the finest selection of juried accessory collections, ATS has become to go-to show for collections ranging from high-end classic brands to new and emerging contemporary designers.”
  6. PROJECT WOMENS – Held in August. “Previously known as ENKVegas, PROJECT WOMENS is the destination for women’s contemporary collection, denim & accessories.”
  7. Accessorie Circuit Held in August. “Accessorie Circuit features high end, curated accessory collections that are designed for the more upscale retailer and designers.”
  8. SOLE COMMERCE – Held in September. “SOLE COMMERCE provides footwear brands and designers exclusive access to some of the top retailers in the US.”

NY Men’s

The New York Men’s fashion marketplace takes place in the Big Apple semiannually during the months of January and July. Featuring two of the premier men’s fashion shows, PROJECT and MRKT, this marketplace is the leading event to showcase emerging trends in the men’s fashion industry.

  1. MRKET – “MRKET is a global fashion trade show discerning menswear brands. MRKET represents the best collections in men’s clothing, sportswear, footwear and accessories from the United States and abroad.”
  2. PROJECT“PROJECT is the show for showcasing contemporary men’s sportswear, accessories, and footwear. “

Texworld USA

Texworld USA is “North America’s largest sourcing event for apparel fabric buyers, research and product development specialists, designers, merchandisers, and overseas sourcing professionals.” This Messe Frankfurt hosted event held bi-annually in New York City, New York and is co-located with the Apparelsourcing. Texworld USA provides a premier forum for meeting with manufacturers of affordable apparel fabrics, trims, and accessories from across the globe.


SwimShow is held each summer in Miami and is known as the world’s largest trade show for swimwear, beachwear, and resort wear. It is the place where suppliers, as well as buyers, can come to explore the latest trends in the swimwear industry. Nearly 3000 buyers attend each year from all around the world to see the wide assortment of different swimwear lines that will be hitting the market this season.

Contact us today if you are exhibiting at one of the above fashion trade shows. Metro Exhibits is here to help you design and build a top of the line exhibit that meets your vision!

In addition to fashion trade shows, be sure to check out our complete list of top trade shows in all industries around the country.

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Metro Exhibits Expands New Jersey Headquarters

Metro Exhibits Expands New Jersey Headquarters

Due to the overwhelming growth in both staff and customer base, Metro Exhibits LLC has expanded its headquarters based in Pine Brook, NJ. This overhaul has brought on significant layout adjustments and a substantial increase in capacity. A lot of time and thought has gone into this move as Metro Exhibits LLC wanted a space that would last a long time. After finding office space questions to ask before renting, the spaces will help grow and improve available services. The expansion has drastically boosted storage and office space while simultaneously providing the landscape for new product and service offerings. The next expansion may be to reach out and start office branches in new countries. Many businesses do this to have their name recognized globally. For example, perhaps you want an office branch in Germany; in that case, you’d be best looking into Satellite Office buildings, as detailed on the website. This is a great way to expand.

Additional Space:

Metro Exhibits added 15,000 additional square feet to the existing 19,000 for a grand total of 34,000 square feet, we’re also going to soon be looking into the services that some of our clients have said bring your Office Cleaning to the future, to bring ours to the future as well considering all the extra room! By nearly doubling in size, Metro Exhibits has been able to add 7 offices to accommodate the staff brought on in response to significant growth over the past few years. Accompanying the additional office space is a major overhaul of client-owned storage space, an escalation of the MyConcierge pick & pack/fulfillment services, and a shop expansion to house a new CNC router.

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3 Powerful Trade Show Gimmicks

3 Powerful Trade Show Gimmicks

Every company on the trade show floor is looking for an opportunity to differentiate themselves from other exhibitors, but what are the most effective ways of doing so. There are many ways including: a powerful exhibit design, a great trade show staff and well-executed pre-show marketing, but there is another realm of easy-to-use and full proof trade show draws. These are the trade show gimmicks.

Gimmicks are present at every trade show whether it is games, giveaways, celebrity appearances or the like, but there are three in particular that stand out. These stand out trade show gimmicks are not only effective, but create a level of engagement with your brand that is memorable and lasts long after the show has come to an end. These three trade show gimmicks are headshots, massage chairs and photo booths, but what separates these three from the rest?

1) Headshots

Trade Show Headshots

While attending a recent trade show, a company was offering professional headshots as their trade show gimmick. Professional headshots are usually hard to get, so offering them at your booth is a good idea. Naturally being in the industry, I was interested to see the type of draw this approach would have. The traffic generated through this method was sensational. There was a line of attendees at their booth leading out into the general walkways awaiting their chance to get professional headshots. This, of course, will mean that you need to hire a professional company that offers corporate photography services but this expense will quickly be made up by all of the impressions you’d make.

Depending on the focus of the trade show itself this may be more effective at certain types events than others, but overall, there is quite a demand for this gimmick. The line provided the trade show staff extra time and an open forum to interact with the attendees at their booth while simultaneously projecting the photos on a large TV screen to draw even more attendees to the booth. This type of cyclical traffic generation kept their booth space busy for the duration of the event.

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