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  • Aug 09, 2023
Pre-Show Tradeshow Tips
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  • Aug 09, 2023

Pre-Show Tradeshow Tips

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Trade shows provide an incalcuable number of benefits for a business. It affords a terrific opportunity for companies to exhibit their brand and growth throughout their lifespan. However, in order to have a successful tradeshow experience, leadership teams should pinpoint and focus on the few key points outlined below.

Setting Goals

With every successful initiative, there was once a goal. However, in order to experience true success, we must pair the goal with taking action. Setting and outlining goals in the initial stages will allow companies to not only stay organized but get the results they sought for. Teams must be specific when outlining goals. The more specific a goal is, the more well defined and clear the vision is. Let’s be honest, attending a tradeshow can get pricey, which is why effective planning & goal setting is key to getting the most out of your investment. Creating a solid foundation will only aide in this.

Personalizing Company Message

Having consistent and clear company brand messaging should be unique and utilized to make you stand out from other companies. Remember, there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of attendees at a tradeshow. How will they remember you? A company message should be of value and impactful.

Planning in Advance

You’ve established your “why” and goals. Now what? They say that “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Getting started early on will prevent the anxiety and headache of rushing as the deadline approaches. Establish enough time to plan and run marketing strategies before the trade show, especially given current supply chain and labor issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Expect the unexpected and be prepared to overcome the obstacles that may arise.

Setting a Marketing Budget

Costs will add up quickly – make sure to establish a marketing budget and stick to it. Figure out the needs before the wants to allow for maximum budget utilization.

Selecting the Marketing Approach(s)

Marketing educates people about a product or service allowing companies to benefit from this tool monetarily, if done right. Below are some marketing strategies a company can take advantage of:

Building a list of Outreach Contacts

Begin your marketing by establishing your contacts for a message outreach. Sourcing current or past customers is a great start.

Promoting on Social Media

Let your audience know you’ll be attending a trade show by providing the details on all social media platforms. If there will be incentives, giveaways, or games planned, be sure to note this in your posts! Building excitement will give attendees more of a reason to stop by and visit your booth. Although optional, boosting your post as an ad will increase the reach and engagement.

Launching an Email Campaign

Targeting future attendees by email is a great strategy. However, the key to a successful campaign is to send multiple emails with the right messaging. Statistics show that there were 319.6 billion emails sent per day in 2021 and the number is projected to increase annually. Knowing this, your email campaign needs to be strong and valuable.

Building a Landing Page

Having a dedicated trade show landing page with information about your brand, mission & trade show will be helpful. Inform attendees of your booth location and create an incentive for them to visit you the day of the event.

Harnessing the Power of SEO

Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads allow for greater visibility and traffic if used correctly. Optimal research and optimizing your landing page for key search terms will increase the chances of participants finding you. Running Google Ads based on your target market and demographics will help to establish a connection with the participants ahead of the trade show. Brand familiarity is the most fundamental form of consumer knowledge.

Sending Direct Mail

Although digital marketing has taken over, a physical piece of advertisement can certainly go a long way. Send a post card size direct mail to potential attendees to not only inform them of the event but to build excitement.

Using Targeting Marketing Methods

Talk to your trade show manager about your targeted marketing methods and ask if they can provide discounted registration fees or free passes. This will allow you to impress high-potential visitors and increase a connection and loyalty.

Following up with Participants

  • Three Months Before the Trade Show

Email your contacts a “save the date” notice. Make sure you include your booth number and any incentives in this email.

  • One Month Before the Trade Show

Create social media posts that have the date and your booth number. If you’ll be using any hashtags during the event, include these in the posts.

  • Three Weeks Before the Trade Show

Send out another email with all the information your guests will need to know. This includes information such as: booth number, promotional giveaways, CTAs, and more.

  • One Week Before the Trade Show

Make several social media posts about the trade show to keep participants updated. Post about your booth number, other highlights about the show, information about the surrounding area, trade show tips, and giveaways.

  • The Last Days Before the Trade Show

Use your social media to post pictures of traveling to the event. Take pictures of the set up and behind the scenes.

Overall, it’s important to remember that tradeshows are fun! It gives companies the opportunity to not only represent their brand but to also connect with people. Although the outcome is rewarding, the steps leading up to the big day can indeed be stressful. Companies that provide trade show exhibit services can be an immense help. Leveraging this resource is an option and excellent idea to ensure success.

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