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Art Caruso Appointed Senior Vice President of Business Development

Metro Exhibits, LLC is pleased to announce that Art Caruso has joined the organization as the Senior Vice President of Business Development.  In this role, Art will be primarily responsible for finding new growth channels for the organization through sales and marketing initiatives.  Art will be based in Metro Exhibits’ Pine Brook, NJ headquarters.

“Mr. Caruso comes to Metro Exhibits with many years of successful sales and business development experience; and we are delighted to have him on board with us”, says Ray Zamloot, Managing Director.

Art is a graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology and currently resides in Secaucus, NJ with his wife and two children.

About Metro Exhibits, LLC:

Metro Exhibits, LLC is a tradeshow marketing organization that provides turnkey tradeshow services including custom and rental exhibits, exhibit graphic design, digital media coordination, project management, graphics, shipping and installation and dismantle services.  In addition, Metro Exhibits offers full warehousing and fulfillment.  With facilities and redundant inventory in Northern New Jersey, Orlando, Las Vegas and Atlanta, Metro Exhibits is positioned to offer these full capabilities with a high level of efficiency and customer service in all of the major convention areas throughout the United States.  Our experienced staff of project managers, account managers, fabrication engineers, and management bring over 90 years of tradeshow experience.

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Trade Show Meeting Room

Trade Show Tips: Types of Trade Show Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are a very common feature in most trade show exhibits 200 square feet and larger.  For this reason, it may be beneficial to put some thought behind what type of meeting room may have the most impact for your company at your next event.  There are four different options: Private Meeting Rooms, Semi-Private Meeting Rooms, Open Meeting Rooms, or No Meeting Room.  Here we weigh the pros and cons of each to help you make the most informed decision when selecting your meeting room type.

Private Meeting Room

Private meetings rooms are the only true option for “closed door” level meetings.  If there are issues of grand importance to be discussed, a private meeting room is always the safest bet.

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Trade Show Exhibit Staffing

Training Your Exhibition Staff: Best Practices & Behaviors

The Purpose of Trade Show Training:

Trade Show staff training is a vital piece of exhibiting success, and yet is commonly overlooked.  It is particularly important to stress this to first time exhibitors, because there is a lot to coordinate, and training is one of the first to fall by the wayside.  You have three options at an event: (Hint. Three is the wrong choice)

1)Employee Training

2)Temporary Staffing

3)Untrained Staffing

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20 Questions to Ask Your Trade Show Exhibit House

20 Questions to Ask Your Trade Show Exhibit House

  • Do you have a portfolio that I can review?
    • All good exhibit houses have portfolios; they are essentially their medium for bragging. Any decent exhibit house would jump at the opportunity to parade their portfolio of past clients, and you should let them do just that.  Not only will it provide you with some great potential design concepts, but it will also settle any doubts that you may have as to their ability to build what you envisioned.  If they don’t have a portfolio, or your doubts aren’t settled, you may want to look elsewhere.
  • Can you provide three references from past (or current) clients?
    • Clients will provide all of the best answers. Answers that are in line with your concerns, and that can give you valuable insight into entering
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Modular Trade Show Display

What are Modular Trade Show Displays

Modular, by definition, means “employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction”.  Just as there is modular housing, there are modular trade show displays.  The question most people ask is – If I want my trade show exhibit to be unique, how could a modular design work for me?  Great question!  When you see a living community where every house looks exactly the same, it is off-putting to think of your exhibit looking this way.   However, modular displays don’t have to look the same by any means, and offer a tremendous amount of flexibility from show to show.  Let me explain using three main points of emphasis.

1) Flexibility

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