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Top Fashion Trade Shows in America

The Top Fashion Trade Shows in America

This article was written to assist all the fashion focused entrepreneurs, businesses and passionate individuals out there.  Selecting which fashion show(s) to attend, or even knowing what options are out there, can be very time consuming.  With so many choices, each of which with a relatively narrow focus, it would be ideal to have a list of the best fashion trade shows and their primary markets served.  Well look no further.

Here you can find the leading fashion trade shows specializing in men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, apparel sourcing, accessories, swimwear and everything in-between.


MAGIC is synonymous with fashion events.  It is the world’s largest fashion marketplace and takes place twice annually in Las Vegas, Nevada (February & August).  This truly unique fashion mega-event is a compilation of 11 individual fashion trade shows with unique focuses grouped into one.  MAGIC  is comprised of PROJECT, THE TENTS, WWDMAGIC, FN PLATFORM, SOURCING at MAGIC, PROJECT WOMENS, THE COLLECTIVE, POOLTRADESHOW, WSA@MAGIC, Playground, and CRUVENV@MAGIC:

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Metro Exhibits Expands New Jersey Headquarters

Metro Exhibits Expands New Jersey Headquarters

Due to the overwhelming growth in both staff and customer base, Metro Exhibits LLC has expanded its headquarters based in Pine Brook, NJ.  This overhaul has brought on significant layout adjustments and a substantial increase in capacity.  The expansion has drastically boosted storage and office space while simultaneously providing the landscape for new product and service offerings.

Additional Space:

Metro Exhibits added 15,000 additional square feet to the existing 19,000 for a grand total of 34,000 square feet.  By nearly doubling in size, Metro Exhibits has been able to add 7 offices to accommodate the staff brought on in response to significant growth over the past few years.  Accompanying the additional office space is a major overhaul of client-owned storage space, an escalation of the MyConcierge pick & pack/fulfillment services, and a shop expansion to house a new CNC router.

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3 Powerful Trade Show Gimmicks

3 Powerful Trade Show Gimmicks

Every company on the trade show floor is looking for an opportunity to differentiate themselves from other exhibitors, but what are the most effective ways of doing so. There are many ways including: a powerful exhibit design, a great trade show staff and well-executed pre-show marketing, but there is another realm of easy-to-use and full proof trade show draws. These are the trade show gimmicks.

Gimmicks are present at every trade show whether it is games, giveaways, celebrity appearances or the like, but there are three in particular that stand out. These stand out trade show gimmicks are not only effective, but create a level of engagement with your brand that is memorable and lasts long after the show has come to an end. These three trade show gimmicks are headshots, massage chairs and photo booths, but what separates these three from the rest?

1) Headshots

Trade Show Headshots

While attending a recent trade show, a company was offering professional headshots as their trade show gimmick. Naturally being in the industry, I was interested to see the type of draw this approach would have. The traffic generated through this method was sensational. There was a line of attendees at their booth leading out into the general walkways awaiting their chance to get professional headshots taken.

Depending on the focus of the trade show itself this may be more effective at certain types events than others, but overall, there is quite a demand for this gimmick. The line provided the trade show staff extra time and an open forum to interact with the attendees at their booth while simultaneously projecting the photos on on a large TV screen to draw even more attendees to the booth. This type of cyclical traffic generation kept their booth space busy for the duration of the event.

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The Art of Trade Show Selling: How to Increase Sales at Trade Shows, Conferences and Exhibitions

The Art of Trade Show Selling: How to Increase Sales at Trade Shows, Conference, and Exhibitions

Trade show selling, like every other type of sales, is as much an art as it is a science.  This particular sales arena merges cold selling with a consumer base that is in search of answers to their problems.  If the proper research was done to determine which show(s) to attend, half of the battle is already behind you, and that is being relevant.  It is a near guarantee that a good portion of the attendees at an industry based show are already in search of your product or similar solutions, which makes the sales process easier than a typical cold selling situation.  The proceeding pointers when used together will help increase engagement, booth traffic, staff morale and ultimately sales.

1 – Determine Your Goals Before Trying to Solve Others’

What does your company want to gain from exhibiting?  Is it leads, meetings, branding, etc.  This should be determined before even booking a space at the show.  Clear goals set by management will translate into a common understanding and purpose for the trade show staff.  When a company determines what it wants to gain, and communicates this purpose to its trade show team, it becomes much easier to make these goals a reality.  Conversely, if there are no set expectations, how are the representatives supposed to know what to shoot for?  Set clear goals and objectives, communicate them, and you will see an improvement in morale and follow through.

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Top 5 Fall Trade Shows of 2015

Top 5 – Fall Trade Shows & Events of 2015

Fall is rapidly approaching, and with the changing season comes a new round of top trade shows.  The fall season is jam-packed with quality contenders for our Top 5 spots, and although it was very difficult to decide on only five, we’ve managed to compile the list below.  If you feel we have missed any shows that should be included, or would like to propose your personal rankings, please do so in the comments section below.  We would love to hear your thoughts!

5) SEMA Show – Las Vegas (November 3rd – 6th)

SEMA Show 2015

Are you an automotive fanatic, industry professional or interested bystander?  Then you cannot afford to miss the SEMA SHOW.  The SEMA Show is the premiere event for automotive specialty products, and will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.  Auto-enthusiasts will find themselves in an alternate reality with educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities, the NEW SEMA Battle of the Builders Competition, SEMA Awards and much more.

According to the official SEMA Show website, “The 2014 SEMA SHOW drew more than 60,000 domestic and international buyers.  The displays are segmented into 12 sections, and a New Products Showcase featured nearly 2,000 newly introduced parts, tools, and components.”  The exhibition floor houses an astounding 2,300+ exhibitors with over one-million square feet of exhibition space.

  • 87% of attendees rated the quality of education seminars as excellent or good
  • 92% of attendees rated their show experience as excellent or good
  • 77% said they are more likely to buy from a company that exhibited vs. one that did not
  • 95% rated the quality and variety of exhibitors as excellent or good

SEMA Show Registration

SEMA Show Floor Plan

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