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Trade Show Booth Display Ideas

Trade Show Tips: Booth Display Ideas

Trade Show Booth Display Ideas

Get Trade Show Booth Ideas

You’ve secured your space at the show(s) you wish to attend, you’ve determined the message you want to portray, and now it’s time for booth design ideas. Whether you are keeping the design stage in-house, or outsourcing it to an exhibit house, it is the most vital stage in the booth preparation process. We’ve partnered with Boothdesignideas.com to provide the best in trade show booth design. For thousands of exhibit images and inspiration, Boothdesignideas.com is the best source on the web. Use their on site search engine to find the images you’d like, then save your favorite images to your idea list. Once you’ve created your idea list, share it with one of our team members and get a free pricing. It’s that easy. With the right message and the wrong booth design, you will not see the results you deserve. Often, a mediocre message masked by an immaculate booth design will yield surprisingly high results, because catching the interest of attendees is half the battle. Don’t leave it chance. Boothdesignideas.com is the best place to go for trade show booth design ideas, but we’ll also show you some moore sources of inspiration.

Before discussing the different aesthetic additions that can boost your booth, it is important to consider booth layout options and show demographics. The factors to consider in these categories include Booth Size, the Booth Type, and the Audience of the show. After covering these concerns, there are 6 variable categories that can heavily increase booth traffic if utilized properly. These include: Digital Embellishments, Visual Embellishments, Product Displays, Interactive Components, Flooring, and lighting. All of these will be discussed in the proceeding sections.

Booth Size Considerations:

You need to know what size space you have before brainstorming design options. There is significantly more room for custom elements and attractions in booths larger than 200 square feet (10×30 or 20×20 and up). Also, as booths get larger in size, there are more layout options available to you that will be discussed in the next section. Make sure that if you have an idea in your head as to what your booth should have, that you book your exhibit space accordingly. Booking a space that is too small to support your message, goals, and objectives will cripple your plans from the design stage on, and ultimately have a negative effect on your return-on-investment. Standard booth sizes are 10×10, 10×20, 10×30, 20×20, 20×30, and can progress to essentially any larger size beyond that as determined by the show itself. If you want to see some general layouts by booth size, check out our Ideas by Booth Size page.

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