Metro Exhibits is responsibly aware that it makes an impact on the environment with its production and business processes, including shipping, travel and waste management. As certified EPA Green Power Partners we aim to reduce our

Product (Exhibits and Asset Inventory)

  • Nearly all exhibits are constructed of lightweight, reusable metal frames (most vendors use heavier wooden frames)
  • Whenever possible, graphics are printed on fabric, which is reusable, stores more easily, and weighs less than standard substrates, such as PVC
  • Displays are fabricated and warehoused (along with marketing collateral) in three locations around the country, located near major trade show venues, minimizing shipping.
  • MetroPlus asset inventory cloud-based portal distributes, maintains and stores a company’s physical marketing assets in one managed system, minimizing consumption and production, and maximizing multiple efficiencies.
  • Our “earth-friendly” option utilizes upcycled/recycled/recyclable materials including walls, signage, furniture and flooring.


  • Energy-saving lighting fixtures
  • Fabric-covered walls conserve energy
  • Sunroofs use natural lighting
  • Recycle paper, plastic
  • Timed digital thermostats
  • Water-saving auto faucets and toilets
  • Timed equipment: computers, copiers
  • Appliances are energy-efficient
  • 50% of office-employee days are worked from home, minimizing commuting miles and facility space requirements



  • Each of three warehouses is located within a few miles of a major highway, and less than an hour from at least one major airport
  • We use re-use wood pallets (and buy used)
  • We re-use all wood and metal elements when possible; we recycle what is unusable
  • We recycle cardboard
  • We have weatherized docks
  • We utilize electric warehouse vehicles (eg scissor lifts)
  • We utilize battery-powered tools
  • Our windows and doors are weatherized
  • We batch shipments and use local staging facilities to minimize miles and trip
  • We outsource I&D teams (supervised by Metro staff) to keep travel miles to a minimum
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