Metro Exhibits Expands New Jersey Headquarters
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Metro Exhibits Expands New Jersey Headquarters

Metro Exhibits Expands New Jersey Headquarters

Metro Exhibits Expands New Jersey Headquarters

Due to the overwhelming growth in both staff and customer base, Metro Exhibits LLC has expanded its headquarters based in Pine Brook, NJ.  This overhaul has brought on significant layout adjustments and a substantial increase in capacity.  The expansion has drastically boosted storage and office space while simultaneously providing the landscape for new product and service offerings.

Additional Space:

Metro Exhibits added 15,000 additional square feet to the existing 19,000 for a grand total of 34,000 square feet.  By nearly doubling in size, Metro Exhibits has been able to add 7 offices to accommodate the staff brought on in response to significant growth over the past few years.  Accompanying the additional office space is a major overhaul of client-owned storage space, an escalation of the MyConcierge pick & pack/fulfillment services, and a shop expansion to house a new CNC router.

Exhibit Showroom:

The standout addition to the Metro Exhibits headquarters is the Exhibit Showroom.  This showroom permanently houses a variety of rental, purchase, and portable trade show options.  Incorporating this showroom allows current clients and customers alike the opportunity to experience the look and feel of their exhibiting options in order to make more informed decisions.  The exhibit showroom will play a major role in Metro Exhibits’ soon to be announced trade show seminar & workshop series.  More information of these in-house sessions will be released in the coming weeks.

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