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  • Jun 11, 2022
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  • Jun 11, 2022

Trade Show Staff Training Tips

It goes without saying that the corporate staffing whom you choose to employ for your trade show should be very familiar with your products. However, what other trade show staff training tips are necessary? In this article, we will take a look at a few ideas for training and how you can help your staff make the most of their time.

There is no room for doubt one of the single most important aspects of any company’s trade show presence is the behavior, knowledge and professionalism of its trade show representatives. With this fact in mind, it only makes sense that attention is giving to improving your staff’s ability to interact with trade show attendees.

Explore Trade Show Staff Training Tips Far in Advance

Trying to teach your staff new strategies a couple of days before the next big trade show isn’t the optimal approach. It might be helpful to use a motivational speaker to inspire your staff. No matter what tips you ultimately decide to use, it is in your best interest to start exploring your different options for improving performance well before that next big trade show. In this way, your employees will have weeks or even months to perfect their new skills. However, once your booth is available, make sure that your staff has at least a full day of experience working directly with the display that you will be using for the trade show as well. In this way, they will be very comfortable with the booth and any interactive features that it may employ.

Include Employee Role Playing in Your Trade Show Staff Training Tips

At first it may be a little awkward to have your employees engage in role-playing in preparation for the next trade show, but the results can be quite impressive. No matter what the situation may be, advanced preparation can lead to better outcomes and help individuals deal with “curveballs” that get thrown their way. There is a good reason that firefighters rehearse different fire fighting situations, and your employees can benefit in a similar fashion.

While they may not have to worry about any fires, they do want to impress your prospective clients and customers, and rehearsing how they will interact with customers well in advance is a very prudent move. You can expect your rehearsal time to result in smoother presentations and more competent and confident team members. It is also a great idea to have your staff learn and rehearse an “elevator pitch” that quickly sums up your company and products.

The Best Trade Show Staff Training Tips for Your Business

Taking the time to make sure that your employees have thought through what they want to do in detail, their interactions with potential customers and their approach at the next trade show far in advance can pay off big for all involved. You could also think out of the box and have them take something like assertiveness training by Development Academy in London if you know how the crowds will be, and it gives you time to cater the training to the show itself if you plan ahead. Having your employees train weeks or even months before the next trade show will not just pay off at the trade show, but with all of their dealing with your clients and potential customers as well.

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