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  • Jun 16, 2023
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  • Jun 16, 2023

How to Generate Excitement Around Your Trade Show Presence

Trade shows are the lifeblood of business relationships. They are a direct communication channel between brands and their customers, especially important for business-to-business (B2B) deals. 

The U.S. trade show industry generated $ 6.5 billion in revenue in 2021 alone! That figure makes trade shows a tempting prospect for any brand. But success at a trade show isn’t guaranteed. To make sure your brand’s show exhibit stands out from the crowd, it needs to spark excitement. 

If your brand has an upcoming display, this post is for you. It contains the best practices and strategies to ensure your trade show booth excites visitors and maximizes your presence. While your booth design will do most of the heavy lifting on the exhibition floor, the job of promoting your trade show display starts much earlier. Read on to discover what you must do before, during, and after the show to get customers talking about your brand’s custom booth.

Before the Trade Show

Putting up a custom exhibit at a convention or exhibition is not a last-minute exercise. Weeks before the trade show begins, your brand needs to start planning for its trade show display. Working with an expert booth design company will ensure your trade show display comes together to make your product look great. But your brand can start digital promotions while the event booth design is left to the pros. Create excitement with customers by hyping your trade show booth beforehand.

Paid Ads

Use the power of Google Ads and other digital marketing channels to reach out directly to your target audience. The flexibility of digital advertising gives you the option of promoting ads to viewers in the city where the trade show is taking place. The traffic the ads generate will be the first indicator of how excited visitors are about your trade show booth.

Social Media

It’s 2023; if your brand isn’t already communicating with customers on social media, it won’t be getting them excited at trade shows. Coordinate your brand’s activity across all social platforms to build a buzz for the upcoming exhibit. Give followers a glimpse of what to expect. Create a hashtag that can be used even during the trade show.


Your company’s customer database is rich with contacts who might be excited to visit your booth. Identify customers who will be in the area and email them with special promotions. Incentivize them to visit your trade show booth in person with offers and rewards. Allow them to book special experiences at your custom booth in advance.

Putting On an Exciting Trade Show Display

Once visitors are on the floor, your trade show booth design is what will reel them in. Creating a trade booth design that tells your brand’s story, grabs attention, and invites engagement from visitors is the top priority. Trade show booth design companies can help brands put together a compelling display. Some of the best ways to excite customers and visitors to your show stand are:

  1. Interactive Exhibits

Most brands make the mistake of sharing information through passive means at trade shows. Brochures and leaflets accompanied by a video on a screen aren’t enough to make your exhibit stand out. Keep customers engaged by making your booth design interactive. Allow them to handle products for themselves. Let them discover information by clicking through a touchscreen. Interactive displays increase the amount of time visitors spend at your brand’s booth.

  1. Offer Giveaways

Giveaways are a staple at every trade show. If you don’t want your swag to end up in the recycling bins at the venue, you have to make them stand out from all the other offerings. Trade show giveaways need to be creative, fun, and memorable. Take the time to research your audience before the show. Think about what they would want to take back home with them, and prepare your swag bags accordingly. 

  1. Use Technology

Technological innovation has reinvented trade show design. Make sure your booth is equipped with everything needed for successful demonstrations. Use screens creatively, both as a way to create a visual theme and also to interact with customers. Stay active on social media, updating followers and encouraging them to visit your booth. Small touches like providing WiFi and mobile charging stations at your booth will also attract more visitors.

  1. Create Experiences

The marketing team and booth design company need to collaborate to create a unique, unforgettable experience at the trade show. In recent times, there have even been instances of brands incorporating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in their trade booth experiences. Pre-booked demonstrations and walkthroughs are a great way to increase footfalls at your custom booth. Give away free samples and prizes to visitors who post using your brand’s trade show hashtag.

Keep the Excitement Going After the Trade Show

Trade shows are all about building connections. If your brand had a successful outing and put together an unmissable trade show exhibit, you can continue to capitalize even after the event ends. A successful post-show strategy will ensure that excitement levels remain high before your brand’s next appearance at a trade show.

  • Send out a thoughtful email thanking customers who visited your booth
  • Offer a special deal that can be redeemed after the show
  • Contact interested customers after the show to schedule a demo
  • Use social media to share photos and videos of all the activities at the trade show
  • Put out testimonials about visitor experiences
  • Prepare an outreach plan to contact the leads gathered from the trade show exhibit

The Importance of Exciting Exhibits

Trade shows are bouncing back after a pandemic lull. There’s no replacement for the face-to-face interactions at these events. But they are also environments where every exhibitor is competing for attention. Regardless of budget, your exhibit should evoke excitement so that it stands out. Visiting a trade show is worth the effort and investment if you have a custom booth design that grabs eyeballs and delivers results. 

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