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  • Maximizing Your Investment ,Booth Design ,The Basics | Feb 14, 2023
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  • Maximizing Your Investment ,Booth Design ,The Basics | Feb 14, 2023

How to Choose the Right Look For Your Exhibit

How does one stand out from the crowd? It’s been a question that most advertising agencies, brands, and organizations have been trying to figure out for many years.

It’s no different when it comes to participating in exhibitions and tradeshows. Attracting visitors’ attention among a sea of booths isn’t the easiest task, especially considering how intense the competition is and how complex some booth designs can be.

So how does one get the edge when appealing to a crowd? Well, it takes a lot of creativity and a deep knowledge of what your brand stands for. But if you’re up for the challenge, here are some tips on injecting glamor into your trade show booth. 


Figure Out a Strategy

The perfect event booth design doesn’t just come to you; it has to be carefully strategized by answering some self-reflective questions first. Start with: what is your brand? What are its values? Its personality? What do you hope to achieve with the exhibit? 

The answers to these questions must be clear before planning your trade booth design. It can be hard to develop creative design solutions if you’re confused about who you’d like your show exhibit to attract.

Then there’s the matter of budget. According to the experts, your trade display, including graphics, construction, and materials shipping, can take up almost 31% of your budget. 

There’s no point considering having 3-D hologram show displays or hiring the most elaborate booth design company in the country if you just don’t have the budget. Getting the right look for your exhibit has to involve the perfect balance of budget and expectations. 

Ignore all the extra expenses that make only minor differences, and focus on being creative with the budget. Also, consider exhibit rental, as it could significantly impact what you decide to put on display. 

Once you’ve answered these questions and considered how much you’re willing to spend, you can move to plan the finer details of your trade show booth’s look. 


Understand Your Space 

The space reserved for your show display can differ from trade show to trade show. Before you start planning exactly what you can have in that space, it’s important to assess it thoroughly, taking everything into account. 

Most important is the booth size and position. For instance, if you are a peninsula, you don’t want your welcome counter facing away from your open ends. 

Lighting plays a significant role in deciding what colors work best in your show stand. Balance is important; if the space is too small, it’s best to avoid bringing in big furniture or massive boxes, as they may end up cluttering your stall and leave it looking like a mess. 

Based on how much size you have to play with, you can decide exactly what you’d like to put on display at your show exhibit.


Work With a Professional Booth Designer

When you’re dealing with such a key and pricey element of your marketing mix, it’s best to leave booth design to the experts. 

Look for a booth design company that will use your detailed notes to provide provide detailed 3D renderings of what they imagine the final space to look like, from multiple views, including a floorplan.

If you’re struggling to find design inspiration, these professional sketch mockups can help you get some new ideas. The designers can then work with your feedback and use their expertise to bring your ideas to life. 


Make it Interactive

Would you be more likely to stop at a booth that had a boring sign and a couple of show stands in the corner or one that offered you the chance to win something to take back home? 

Trade show visitors love interactive activities. It gives them a chance to actively participate and get involved with what you’re selling instead of just being a part of the window-shopping crowd. At the same time, it allows your booth’s representatives to have more personal interactions with potential customers. 

This interactivity can be in the form of a game, offering product demos, or through a giveaway, or even something like a lucky draw, for that matter. Whatever it is, you’re aiming to ensure customers spend more time at your booth. 


Focus on Color & Graphics 

The best and most successful booths are the ones that attract the eye immediately. This could be through a particularly stark color combination, bold inviting text, or a space that looks simple, warm and inviting.

One important thing to consider when deciding the right look for your booth is whether your branding and messaging is consistent and prominently displayed enough. Make sure that all images used are of the highest resolution, that fonts and styles are consistent with your brand. 

Decide whether you want a simple plain sign, or whether your brand is more the kind to go in with loud colors and big fonts. Stay true to your brand, while putting an extra emphasis on the highest quality graphics. 


Study Your Competition

The competition can be tense at a trade show—with hundreds of booths vying for the attention of a few hundred visitors, your booth would really have to stand out of the crowd. When deciding the right look for your trade display, it’s important to find out what your competitors are not doing enough of. 

Some questions you can ask yourself include: What’s your favorite trade display? What booth did you think was lacking in something? Which one looked the cleanest? 

Analyzing what your competitors are doing right, as well as their mistakes, is a great way to figure out what looks best for your booth. 


Participating in a trade show is a great way to get your brand out there and known. But it simply won’t work as intended unless your booths draw the right audience. Choosing the right look at a trade show should be a priority, co-existing with other factors like personnel and budgeting to deal with.

Follow these tips to ensure that no one will ever walk past your booth without taking a second look.  

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