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  • Maximizing Your Investment ,Booth Design | Aug 09, 2023
10 Tactics That Help You Get the Biggest Bang From Your Trade Show Exhibition
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  • Maximizing Your Investment ,Booth Design | Aug 09, 2023

10 Tactics That Help You Get the Biggest Bang From Your Trade Show Exhibition

Picture the scene: You set up your little trade show booth counter, add a plate of miniature chocolates, and feel ready for the show. But right next to you, a huge corporation sets up a glorious display that puts your humble booth to shame.

You don’t have to feel intimated by those enterprise exhibitors (in fact, they are likely to increase passerby traffic to your site). The key is to create a stunning trade show booth design that will make YOUR brand stand out in the crowd and invite engagement.

How can you make it a success? Read on for some of the the best trade show booth tips we’ve seen–and give those company giants a run for their money.

1. Stay On-Brand

Of all the trade show booth design best practices, the most critical is to stay on brand.

Your branding defines your company and should run throughout every aspect of it. From your business card to your trade show booth backwall to your website, your branding should be visible. It’s the key to successful marketing.

You could incorporate all the best display ideas on this planet. But there is nothing worse than a trade show booth design that is irrelevant or outdated. It may even cause confusion among visitors.

Keep your branding clear and consistent throughout the entire booth area. From your banners to the promotional items you’re giving out to interactive experiences and “Slim Jims,” make sure your messaging is spoken clearly in a single voice–yours.

2. Master Your First Impression

According to research, you only have 30 seconds to make a good first impression. With so much competition at trade shows, you’ve probably got a shorter window. If you want your brand to stand out from the rest, you need to create a visually engaging booth.

Bright colors can help you to stand out, but only if they are matching your brand. Bold designs, large signage with simple messaging (sometimes just your logo is enough), as well as interactive displays that are drawing a crowd can catch the eyes of your most desirable passersby.

Huge props can also draw attention. For example, if your company has a connection to vehicles, bring in a car to display. Make it part of the booth design, or use it as part of an experience.

3. Set the Scene

Create an entire scene that has its own vibe. Think about it for a second. If your trade show booth was a place, where would it be?

For example, if you’re in the tourism field you could create a vacation destination scene. Start off with a tropical looking backdrop and include deck chairs, inflatable pool toys and more. Complete it with a vacation themed photo booth with props and you’ll have customers lining up to join in the fun.

Even if your company doesn’t have as much scope, you can still create a fun experience. For example, a tech-based company could create a coffee shop scene where attendees try out products while they sip on a free brew (and don’t forget to brand the take-away cups–they’ll be your mini-billboards throughout the show).

If the visual effects don’t attract customers, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee will!

4. Professional Presentation

But while you’re creating your trade show booth design, don’t forget the basics. You may get carried away with all the bells and whistles, but a trade show booth is nothing without a grand presentation area.

This is especially important if you are giving a speech, showing a presentation or demonstrating a product. To make your presentation area stand out, you will need:

  • A small stage with a spotlight
  • A podium (for your notes)
  • A large screen to show a digital presentation
  • High-quality mic and speakers
  • A good internet connection (best practice: have an offline digital copy to present in case the wi-fi isn’t what you hoped for; at large shows, it can sometimes be a challenge).

Once you’ve got the right set-up, you’ll be ready for a grand presentation.

5. On-Booth Activities

Many trade show booths follow the same pattern and can cause attendees eyes to glaze right over your booth. Give visitors something they can play with and enjoy.

Some products are easier to turn into games than others. For instance, anyone selling video games or consoles can set up a gaming area. If it’s not so clear how to turn your product into a game, you may need to get creative.

If you’re selling beauty products, have a guessing game where the winner wins a free makeover. Try a golfing putt experience to win a prize. Instagrammable selfie opportunities or set-ups to take a new LinkedIn portrait are inexpensive and have a long shelf life (though they are no longer unique).

If games aren’t appropriate to your brand, try a memorable experience instead.

For example, Charity Water created an experience their visitors will never forget. They invited attendees to walk with two large jugs of water to give them the same experience as villagers in developing nations. This experience, no doubt, touched the heart of many booth visitors and encouraged them to donate.

Of course, whatever experience you come up with, it must match with your brand. Relevance is key.

6. Go Digital

Creating a quick-to-understand digital experience can attract people to your booth.

But, not all brands are as simple to display as others. You’ll have to think outside the box to make your brand interactive.

Touch screens are one of the best pieces of tech to incorporate into your trade show booth design. They can display almost anywhere, in even the smallest booth.

Another unique idea is to create a virtual reality experience. Online live streamings and video walls are also great techniques to create an interactive experience that will draw in the crowds to your exhibit.

7. Create Walking Ads

You and your team should wear branded apparel as you walk around the event. But it’s not only your team that can do advertising for you. Handing out wearable, unique swag to trade show visitors will turn each wearer into a walking advertisement.  Totebags are an obvious win, but how about those nylon backpacks that visitors use to store the swag they’ve collected from other booths? Those attendees really become your mobile billboards.

It’s always beneficial to give out swag that actually serves a purpose and is very high quality. Be someone’s favorite t-shirt, pen or cellphone holder and your name will be in front of them constantly. And remember that with airline luggage weight restrictions, “junky” giveaways are likely to end up in the hotel room trash.

Some great merchandise ideas include:

  • Children’s items (one less stop at the airport on the way home)
  • Useful desk items
  • Wearables (t-shirts, rubber bracelets, hats)
  • Cellphone accessories

Make sure your trade show booth displays your swag so that it’s visible to the crowd, but also draws them into the booth.  The aim should be to have a chance to at least greet your visitors, not to have them grab freebies and walk on by.

8. Be an Oasis

Along with swag and branded merchandise, another trade show booth design trick is to offer a place to take a brief rest and recharge.

For example, have a relaxing area with comfortable chairs with a back. Give out free beverages, such as tea, coffee or even bottles of water. When the customer feels “at home” and relaxed, they may be more inclined to chat about your products.

If you’re in the food industry, giving out free samples should be a major part of your trade show strategy. You could even combine this with a demonstration of how to make one of your delights, or how to use it in a recipe.  Note that with COVID restrictions, open samples may be prohibited from the trade show floor, so food will need to be individually wrapped.

9. Take Advantage of the Vertical Space



Whether your booth is small or large, make the most of the space you have. Some trade show locations are tight for space, but the ceilings are high. Every exhibit hall has regulations that must be part of the initial booth plan (your full service trade show booth contractor will know these), but if you can, why not build up to use every square foot to your advantage.

You could use very tall vertical banners or tie huge floating balloons. Or you could even build an upstairs section to your booth (a “double-decker”). Smart exhibitors use a small part of that space as a staffroom, and the rest for client meetings.

10. What’s in a Name?

Your branding is vitally important when creating your trade show booth design. But if your branding isn’t well known, or the name is not intuitive of what you do, make sure you display your tagline and a simple easy-to-grasp image (not every attendee reads or speaks English as a first language. Make it easy for everyone to easily see what your value proposition is).

Having your name and well-designed logo plastered everywhere will help potential customers know exactly who you are and what you represent.

Steal the Show with Your Booth Design

It’s clear to see that when planning your booth design, you need to think outside the box. Unique experiences, stunning displays, and a welcoming environment can make your booth steal the show.

Now you’ve filled your head with grand ideas, there is good news: creating a unique booth that drives traffic and invites engagement is easier than you’d think, with a full-service exhibit contractor like Metro Exhibits. Contact us today to discuss your options or just ask a question.

Are you ready? Let’s bring your idea to life!

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