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Toys R’ Us Case Study

Toys R’ Us Case Study

The Challenge:

Recruiting and retaining top talent is important to the success of any company. Toys R Us’ Human Resource team spent a lot of time and resources attending approximately 125 on-campus recruiting events per year. The challenge they were confronted with was managing the efficiency, organization and costs associated with ordering, purchasing and storage of the event materials such as banners, table throws and marketing materials. In addition, there was little to no check and balance process to determine whether these items were being returned, inspected for damage and inventoried once the event was over. The result was a mismanaged system that led to high costs, frustrated employees and an incomplete inventory management system.

The Solution:

In the Spring of 2012, Toys R Us reached out to Metro Exhibits to inquire about the MyConcierge suite of services. Metro Exhibits was able to provide a customized solution to manage their on-campus recruiting program which includes storage of event materials, pick and pack services and fulfillment including 24 hour customer service. In addition, as part of the MyConcierge program, Metro Exhibits customized a secure, cloud-base portal for Toys R Us so they can manage all events and retrieve real-time inventory for all event materials. Also, Metro Exhibits was able to integrate the procurement of marketing materials and promotional items through its e-commerce site Metro Plus which offered Toys R Us additional cost savings, simplicity and convenience.

The Result:

After partnering with Toys R Us, Metro Exhibits was able to lower their on-campus recruiting event costs considerably by providing a seamless suite of MyConcierge services. With these savings, Toys R Us has reinvested in purchasing higher quality event and marketing materials; further enhancing the company image at these events. Also, the on-line portal allows Toys R Us better management of their spend via ROI analysis and other tools and services.

Carole Lotito

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