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20 Questions to Ask Your Trade Show Exhibit House

20 Questions to Ask Your Trade Show Exhibit House

  • Do you have a portfolio that I can review?
    • All good exhibit houses have portfolios; they are essentially their medium for bragging. Any decent exhibit house would jump at the opportunity to parade their portfolio of past clients, and you should let them do just that.  Not only will it provide you with some great potential design concepts, but it will also settle any doubts that you may have as to their ability to build what you envisioned.  If they don’t have a portfolio, or your doubts aren’t settled, you may want to look elsewhere.
  • Can you provide three references from past (or current) clients?
    • Clients will provide all of the best answers. Answers that are in line with your concerns, and that can give you valuable insight into entering
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Trade Show Tips: 5 Most Commonly Overlooked Trade Show Exhibit Components

Everyone who has exhibited at a trade show knows that there are many facets to account for in order to have a well-run, effective showing. Even when you outsource your concepts to an exhibit house, there is still a good amount to account for in order to make sure that your idea turns into an effective reality. At the end of the day, it’s your company’s’ responsibility to provide the overall goals, objectives, and general design idea that will synergize with your marketing campaigns and goals to whomever is constructing your display. Whether this is being done in-house or by an outside vendor, there are 5 main areas that often get overlooked. These areas are rarely every forgotten, but are all too often not optimized for peak performance.

1) Flooring

Trade Show flooring is arguably the most disregarded area to stand out in the entire exhibit hall. Most people gravitate towards the typical black, blue, white, or gray carpet. Is this because that is all they know, or because they feel anything else will be out of their budget? Utilizing a unique flooring is always a great way to stand out in a crowd. Whether this is done through LED flooring, interactive floor games, or even just very distinct carpeting, it is an easy way to increase awareness of your exhibit. You could even look into flooring options that line up with your brand image. Wooden flooring can make you stand out in a carpeted space if your brand is focused on luxury home goods, for example.

Trade Show Flooring

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