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hey, Phil – Your Personal Solutions Expert

As an integral part of Metro Business Solutions, hey, Phil is the ultimate tool for simplification. It was originally developed to make our clients’ jobs easier. Who wouldn’t want that?! Whether it be an event, promotional items, procurement help or inventory management, let hey, Phil do the work for you. He will find a solution for anything. Need something? Just say, hey, Phil!

hey, Phil can do it all:

Engage With Clients – Promotional Items & Swag Bags

Especially during these times where you don’t get time to meet face-to-face with customers or your employees, promotional items will keep your company at the top of mind. But who has the time for that? Phil does. hey, Phil will find you any promotional item or beautiful swag bags and send them directly to your clients, prospects or members of your team, to say thank you.

These promotional items and swag kits are a great idea for:

  • Connecting with your employees
  • Welcoming employees back to work after months of remote work
  • Thanking your loyal customers
  • Engaging with potential prospects
  • Recognizing hard work and achievements

Employee Safety – PPE Kits

Remind your employees that you are thinking of their safety. hey, Phil will send branded PPE kits to employees that are working remotely or who are returning to work. These PPE kits can include items such as sanitizers and face masks which are important to have at this time.

Simple Inventory Management

It’s always tough to keep track in real time of you various exhibit properties, promotional items, signage etc. hey, Phil will manage your inventory on an easy to use platform, all in one place.

Seamless Event Planning

When planning events let hey, Phil do the work for you. hey, Phil is your one stop shop. He has all the solutions you might need for your events to go as smooth as possible.

Project Management

Aside from just planning for your event, your event needs to be built and set-up at the venue. hey, Phil is here to bring your idea to life and you can be there as a guest.


Finding the right item at the right price is always a hassle, and you may have even downsized your procurement team. hey, Phil is a procurement expert. Just let him know what you want and he will find it at your price point.

Remember, hey, Phil is here to make the complex simple. Reach out to our team today for more information and to get started on making your job easier!